About Us

Company History

Digitech is an IT company in Bangladesh established in 2004. Digitech Is well recognized for resell of computer accessories, IT solutions, System Integrations and Other associated products and services for the last twelve years.

Our competitive pricing and excellent after sales services feedback from our customers have created Ample opportunities and loyalty for immense growth. The company is actively involved in Diversifying into the nation priority area among the corporate bodies and e-business. Our Dedicated and skilled personnel are the great assets to serve our customers at best. We are committed to constantly improving customer satisfaction through Relationship Marketing. Our vision is to delight customers by providing value added services.

What the company does: 

Supply of computer software and hardware

Maintaining the operation of your systems

Networking of computers, printers and scanners

Desktop user support

Managing server performance

Network security management

Data backup

Website design, domain hosting

Development of site functionality

Ecommerce, such as online purchase options

Content development, such as copywriting

Ongoing content management

Digital Marketing.

Service Contact


Vision statement:

Our vision is to continue our dynamic growth, by utilizing our competitive advantages and enhancing your confidence in the reliability and professionalism of On Line Data. We aspire to remain constantly pioneering and creative, with direction to perfection and focus on the future, while ensuring our customers’ preferences. Our efforts to continually exceed your expectations represent for us both a challenge and a commitment. 


Mission statement:

Our main direction is to focus on the specific requirements of our customers and to provide a high level of support, in order to enhance their performance and contribute to their success. Our extensive experience and thorough knowledge of our clients’ functions allow us to offer superior business solutions and to achieve partnerships based on trust and responsibility. Our mission is to always remain leaders, by learning how to improve ourselves through you. Values.


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