MaxGreen MGO-W6KSE 6KVA Standard Backup High-Frequency Online UPS

Key Features
Model: MGO-W6KSE
220VAC single-phase three-wire
Input frequency range: 45Hz-65Hz
Battery Capacity: 12v 9Ah
Rated Power: 6KVA/5.4KW

৳ 85,000.00 ৳ 93,500.00


MaxGreen MGO-W6KSE 6KVA Standard Backup High-Frequency Online UPS
The MaxGreen MGO-W6KSE is a high-frequency online UPS that provides reliable backup power to electronic devices during power outages or voltage fluctuations. With a rated power of 6KVA/5.4KW, it is capable of supporting standard loads for 15-30 minutes. The UPS features a single-phase input voltage ranging from 120Vac to 288Vac, with a frequency of 45Hz-65Hz. It has a high power factor of >=0.99 for single-phase and >0.95 for three-phase, which ensures efficient use of power. The output voltage is a single-phase 220Vac, which is a stable and reliable power supply. The sinewave type of wave ensures that the power supply is clean and without distortion. The UPS uses an IGBT rectifier, which is an efficient and reliable rectifier type. The UPS has a noise level of less than 55dB, which makes it suitable for use in different environments. The UPS comes with an internal battery cabinet that contains 16 units of Always/Star/Equivalent brand batteries, each with a capacity of 12v 9Ah. The charging capability is greater than 6 hours for 90% recharging of the standard model. The UPS has a transfer time of 00, which means that there is no break in the power supply during a power outage. The UPS is ideal for use in small to medium-sized businesses that require a reliable power supply for their electronic devices.


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