DeepCool AK500 High-Performance Single Tower CPU Cooler

Key Features
Model: AK500
Fan Speed: 500~1850 RPM±10%
Five advanced heat pipes
120mm FDB fan
Compatible with Intel & AMD

৳ 4,999.00 ৳ 5,500.00


DeepCool AK500 High-Performance Single Tower CPU Cooler
The DeepCool AK500 is a high-performance single-tower CPU cooler designed to provide maximum cooling potential for high-end processors. With its large heat sink, five advanced heat pipes, and a highly efficient 120mm FDB fan, it delivers outstanding cooling performance for demanding applications. The CPU Cooler is applicable for Intel LGA 2066/ 2011-v3/ 2011/ 1700/ 1200/ 1151/ 1150/ 1155 and AMD AM5/ AM4 sockets.

Prime Performance
The AK500 CPU cooler is built to handle massive performance gains, boasting an impressive 240W of heat dissipation power. It effectively manages the heat generated by next-generation processors, allowing users to tackle resource-intensive tasks such as 4K gaming and high processing workloads with confidence. With the AK500, your system remains sufficiently cooled, ensuring optimal performance.

Balanced Bidirectional Heat Pipe Technology
DeepCool has implemented balanced bidirectional heat pipe technology in the AK500 to optimize its cooling capabilities. By carefully designing the internal capillary structure and injecting a precise amount of liquid, the copper heat pipes achieve exceptional heat dissipation performance. This technology ensures efficient heat transfer regardless of whether the cooler is installed in a vertical or horizontal case orientation.

Full DRAM Compatibility
The DeepCool AK500 features an angled offset heat pipe design that offers clear access to your DIMM slots, improving compatibility with tall heat spreaders. This design also allows any RGB lighting to be visible, enhancing the aesthetics of your system. For users with quad-channel motherboards, the rear slots of the AK500 provide a clearance of 45mm, accommodating larger components.

Cool, Quiet, and Powerful
The DeepCool AK500 is designed to deliver high-performance cooling while maintaining minimal noise levels. It comes equipped with an FK120 fan that maximizes airflow and static pressure when needed, ensuring efficient heat dissipation. The fan intelligently adjusts its speed to ramp down and operate silently when cooling demands are lower. The AK500 also includes an optional low-speed adapter and extra fan clips for users who want to enhance their cooling setup.

Simple and Secure
Installing the AK500 CPU cooler is a hassle-free process thanks to the provided all-metal mounting bracket. The bracket ensures easy and secure installation, guaranteeing proper contact and equal pressure on both Intel and AMD platforms. Users can confidently install the AK500 without worrying about stability or compatibility issues.


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