EKWB EK-Loop Soft 12/16mm 3mm Tube

Key Features
MPN: 3831109895948
Model: EK-Loop Soft
Material: PVC
Inner diameter: 12 mm
Outer diameter: 16 mm
Length: 3 meters

৳ 2,700.00 ৳ 2,970.00


EKWB EK-Loop Soft 12/16mm 3mm Tube
The EKWB EK-Loop Soft 12/16mm 3mm Tube is the clear soft tubing from EK that has the best clarity. Due to its significant UV-Type A and UV-Type B transmissibility, it is compatible with UV-reactive coolants. Additionally, the coolant has restricted transmissibility to UV-Type C, which prevents it from degrading and changing color. Designed especially for the most discriminating customers who need improved functionality and supply tubing. High resistance to leaching was one of the key aims while developing this tube. EK-Loop Soft Tube uses a plasticizer that is free of phthalates. It is resistant to degradation and discoloration from Beta, UV, and Gamma rays. All components used in manufacture are US FDA sanctioned for food applications and meet USP Class VI for use in the medical industry. Exposure to sunlight through the tube wall is one of the primary causes of colored coolant deterioration. EK-Loop Soft Tube efficiently addresses this issue by using unique materials that make it extremely UV-Type C resistant. One of the most important considerations while manufacturing this tube was the high resistance to leaching. The plasticizer used by EK-Loop Soft Tube is non-phthalate. It is not easily degraded or stained by beta, UV, or gamma radiation. Every component used in production is approved by the US FDA for use in food applications and complies with USP Class VI for use in the medical sector.


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