ESET Internet Security Single User for 1 Year

Key Features
Model: ESET Internet Security Single User
Award-winning antivirus
Secures your financial transactions
Prevents malware
Personal firewall

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ESET Internet Security Single User for 1 Year
The ESET Internet Security award-winning detection technology gives a great opportunity to explore online securely. It’s curated by more than 110- million users in the world. This can detect and neutralize all types of digital threats. It also guards against evasion strategies and inhibits targeted assaults and exploits. This anti-virus prevents malware from spreading and gives user protection against all kinds of online and offline threats. Another feature is this can give you protection from block attacks for web browsers, pdf readers, and also other applications. Java-based software is also included here. Here an advanced memory scanner improved the detection of persistent malware. This antivirus assures to stop unknown malware automatically. It works on the base of the ESET live grid file reputation database and comparing with a cloud-based reputation system. It also scans the file while downloading. It scans your computer deeply while the computer is not used and can detect harmful inactive threats before this threat turns into damage. This anti-virus detects attacks by using malicious scripts which can attack windows and PowerShell. Malicious java-script is also detected by this anti-virus which can attack users’ browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge browsers are supported by this anti-virus. It allows you to customize the system and also a way to specify the rule for the system registry, active processes, and security posture.

Enjoy the Full Power Of Your Computer
The ESET internet security offers you to work, play, and browse your internet without interruption. This can fit with any kind of system environment and can save internet bandwidth. It can maintain performance and can enhance the lifetime of hardware. If any program is run with a full-scree, the ESET internet security goes to silent mode automatically. The amazing part is it can postpone all the non-actionable pop-up windows, updates, and system-hungry activities and conserve the system resources. For this, you can stay connected online and unplugged for longer.
Protect Your Privacy
The ESET internet security gives you security by protecting your password from hackers and gives you a safe way to do your online banking and payment. You can keep your webcam and home wifi secured by using this. To save your data and enjoy a safer connection, ESET internet security can be a great choice. It allows you to check your home router for flaws like weak passwords or outdated firmware and provides you with repair alternatives. It also gives you a simple way to see a list of all the smartphones, IoT devices, and other things that are connected to the router. This anti-virus helps you to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. A special feature that helps you from keylogger and also gives you a secured browser for internet baking sites is given by this. An additional layer of security guards against botnet malware, preventing network attacks and spam from being exploited on your computer. Network Signatures provide a new type of detection for even quicker blocking of fraudulent traffic. It has an alert system that alerts you while connecting to an unknown network. Then it switches to the protection mode which makes your device invisible to another computer that is connected to the same network.

Your Kids Are Safe On The Internet
Nowadays, safe internet for kinds is essential. To protect your children from online unwanted activities, this ESET internet security can give you a great opportunity. It gives you a way that is parental control. It prevents your child from offensive online content and blocks more than 20 website categories. It gives you the option to choose categories and gives you a way to set a password. It prevents unauthorized product uninstallation.

Anti-Theft – Stay safer by tracking and locating your missing compute
The ESET Internet security system protects your laptop when it gets stolen. You can start automatic monitoring by marking a device as missing using the ESET Anti-Theft online interface at my.eset.com. When the device comes online, it displays the position of the area on the map that is based on wifi networks. It collects all the snapshots of the missing laptop screen via a built camera. This anti-virus makes an easy way to configure Windows auto-login and operating system account passwords. You can modify the key system settings which help you to increase the security level.

Install and forget, or customize to meet your exact requirements
The ESET Internet Security informs you of potential security problems and enables you to take quick action on them from the main screen. Its slick user interface is made to make setting up all normal activities simple for you. Additionally, you have access to more than 150 technical parameters to fine-tune your security posture. It gives you a one-click solution. This security system also has product upgradation. ESET Internet Security offers a user an in-depth security setting. It allows the definition of maximum scanning depth, scanning time, size of the scanned files and archives, and much more. ESET Internet Security gives a sophisticated diagnostic tool. This tool gathers essential data from the system to solve a variety of security and compatibility issues.


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