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SANTAK Castle C6K 6000VA Standard Backup Online UPS

Key Features
Model: Castle C6K
Power Rating: 6000VA/5400W
Input Voltage Range: 120~275VAC
Output Voltage: 220VAC
Backup time: Standard 15-20 minutes

৳ 120,000.00 ৳ 132,000.00


SANTAK Castle C6K 6000VA Standard Backup Online UPS
The SANTAK Castle C6K is a 6000VA double conversion topology online UPS. It ensures double conversion with 0ms transfer time. It has a green power design, input PF up to 0.99, and output PF up to 0.9. It offers an ideal solution for the major power quality problems such as grid power failure, under-voltage, over-voltage, sag, surge, line noise, frequency variation, switching transients, harmonic distortion efficiently, and provides reliable power protection to the customer equipment. The SANTAK Castle C6K 6000VA Online UPS provides high adaptability and flexible configuration, and it is applied with leading DSP control technology and offers multiple and extendable options to meet the increasing customized application demand. It features an over-voltage cut-off device function to provide the best input protection. With ECO mode available, SANTAK Castle C6K can deliver efficiency up to 97%. It has an LCD display. The SANTAK Castle C6K comes with 2 years warranty.


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